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Tax management made easy by PiHR- HR software. Tax Calculation, Tax Rule set-up, Tax Factor control with the complete HR management system. Try our demo!

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Tax Calculation

  • PiHR is included with online tax preparation, processing, submission according to the Bangladesh Govt. policy.

  • It is a system guided easy to use tax preparation software that will save you time, money and help you reduce any tax potential audits by the government

  • Through PiHR you can generate your salary easily with tax.

Tax Calculation
Tax Rules

Tax Rules

  • Tax rules are important for tax calculation

  • In PiHR Software an admin or a finance person can add the tax rules.

  • Admin or finance person has to select the tax calculation methods to generate the tax rules

Tax Factors

  • Tax factors depend on basic, house rent, medical allowance and conveyance.

  • After inputting these options then admin has to create the slap.

  • Then the tax will be calculated automatic.

  • An admin can edit or delete according to their company‚Äôs policy

Tax Factors