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Employee management became secured and powerful by PiHR - Best HRIS software in Bangladesh. Employee location tracking, task management and all in one solution

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Device Change Request

  • 1 mobile app for an individual user.

  • when an employee login to his/her mobile app with the credentials, they will not be able to change the employee account until the device change request is accepted.

  • Only an admin can accept or reject the request.

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User Setup

  • Make a user category.

  • Assign employees according to the category.

  • Admin can easily edit, delete and reset passwords.

  • Admin can set the screen permissions.

IP Whitelist

  • Ip can be set in PiHR Software.

  • Through this IP everyone can give attendance by web and app.

  • Ip whitelist is only for attendance.

  • And many More.

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  • We are maintaining here SSL/TLS (https) for any data transfer and it is DV (Domain validation) certificate which will be reissued on every 90 days.

  • The Https request is already verified by hosting and certificates

SQL Injection

  • This is one of the most common hacking techniques which might destroy our database.

  • This is why, we are maintaining a standard coding structure and parameterized SQL operations to protect our PiHR Software from any kind of malicious attack or hacking technique like SQL Injection.

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Data Encryption

  • Data is securely protected in our PiHR Software.

  • We consider here our own developed encryption/decryption technique for password mechanism.