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Employee Salary

All-in-one and payroll and loan management software in Bangladesh. Manage Salary Structure, Salary Payment, Salary Pay Slip, Salary Certificate, Salary Generation and more

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Salary Structure

  • Salary structure is needed to be ready to provide the salary.

  • Salary structure can be ready by creating and processing breakups, also by consolidated structure.

  • Just create the structure then it will help you to generate salary within seconds.

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Salary Generation

  • After the salary structure is ready, then an admin/hr can generate salary from this option.

  • The whole month’s overtime, deduction from late/absent,unpaid leave, tax calculation will be counted during generating salary.

  • You will also get the breakdowns of salary generation in 1 sheet.

Salary Payment With Bank or Cash

  • Salary can be disbursed by the bank, through cash or by cheque.

  • Managers can easily choose any of the available options while disbursing.

  • Through PiHR Software an admin can add the template format of any bank for salary payment.

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Salary Pay Slip

  • When the salary is being disbursed then an employee can get the payslip from an admin or hr.

  • After the generation the salary an employee can get payslip through mail.

  • In PiHR app an employee can also get the payslip.

  • In payslip all the breakdowns which are related with adjustments, tax, deductions etc will be shown.

Salary Certificate

  • Salary certificate is an important part of any organization as well as for the employees.

  • From PiHR solutions, you can easily create a customized salary certificate for any given employee within seconds.

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Loan Management

  • Through PiHR Software an employee can easily apply for advance salary or loan

  • The application can be approved or rejected by supervisors

  • The application can be submitted by web or mobile app

  • Loan can be adjusted with salary or by cash