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Employee Info

Most Handy employee management software with employee Info, Documents, Employment History, Supervisor Selection, Reporting, Report, Employee Hierarchy and more

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Basic Employee Info

  • Every employee’s details must be recorded by the company.

  • At PiHR Software you can store all the information like Contact, email address, phone number, Blood group, Joining date, etc.

  • For employee accounts email id and password are mandatory.

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Attached Document

  • Employees documents are very important to be stored.

  • Within the software, any kind of soft copy like CV, Educational Certificates, etc. can be attached to the employee’s information list.

  • Admin/HR can archive the documents according to their work process.

Employment History

  • Employment history is needed to be stored for a company.

  • Who came from which company needed to be tracked.

  • Admin can input the previous company’s name, work duration, previous salary at this section.

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Supervisor Selection

  • Supervisors need to be selected for the applications which are made by the employees.

  • Supervisors, direct supervisors can be selected at this section.

Report Template

  • Any kind of documents like NOC, experience certificate etc can be generated through PiHR Software.

  • Just provide the valid information and the template will be generated accordingly.

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Employee Hierarchy

  • In this report you can easily get the overall status of an employee.

  • An employees transfer, promotion, designation status will be shown in the report.