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Employee Leave

Manage employee leave by cloud-based HRM Software- PiHR. Manage employee leave Applications,Leave Calendar, Leave Reliever, and much more. Try a demo!

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Leave Application

  • PiHR Software has replaced the traditional hard copy submission system of leave.

  • Any employee can easily submit their leave application through app or web.

  • The application will be sent to the layerwise approver.

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Leave Reliever

  • If an employee goes on leave, then he/she can assign someone to complete his/her task.

  • When an employee applies for leave and select a leave reliever then the reliever will get a mail regarding this.

Leave Status

  • From PiHR solutions, any admin can easily look up each and every employee’s leave status, counts, replacements and many more data.

  • Employees can also check his/her leave status throup PiHR app or web.


Multiple Leave Approver

  • In PiHR Software an admin or an hr can set the parameters for leave approver.

  • Multiple layers can be added for approving leave.

  • Approvers will be informed and can approve or reject accordingly.

Leave Calendar

  • Leave calendar is available in mobile app and web

  • Through the leave calendar anyone from any department can see the leave applications of a team

  • Then anyone can apply for the leaves after knowing others leave status