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Employee Attendance

Manage employee attendance with the best HRM software in Bangladesh. Attendance monitoring, Overtime tracking, Remote attendance, biometric integration and more

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Attendance System

  • Through self service an employee can provide their attendance from app and web

  • Within the geo fencing radius the attendance will be counted according the policy.

Employee Attendance
PiHr Remote attendance

Remote attendance

  • Whenever an employee provides attendance from outside of an office then the attendance will come to the supervisor or admin for approval.

  • Remote attendance notification will notify the supervisor or the admin from where the attendance is given.

  • It will also show the address or the google maps location.

  • Admin or supervisor can approve or reject the application.

Integration With Biometric

  • If there is any attendance device available in a company, then The device can be integrated with PiHR Software.

  • Through this integration admin can get real time data.

  • When the device is integrated, then the admin can easily get the updates of attendance, leave etc.

Integration With Biometric
Attendance Monitoring

Attendance Monitoring

  • Aside from regular digital attendance practices, PiHR solutions offer attendance through a mobile app or web which any employee can use.

  • The supervisor/Admin/HR can easily get the real-time location data from a reliable source.


  • OT/Over calculation is very tough for any company.

  • Through PiHR Software any company can easily calculate, process overtime within seconds.

  • By using PiHR Software an hr or an admin can track the total working hours of an employee.

PiHr Overtime
Attendance Report

Attendance Report

  • Various types of reports are available in PiHR Software.

  • Attendance reports can be generated on a monthly, weekly or daily basis and also with a simple command at any given time to the appropriate authority.

  • Extra time report, Overtime report, attendance analysis report can also be generated through PiHR Software.